Lagan Machinery Sales Statement.

Lagan Machinery Sales believes that it is of paramount importance to treat customers fairly at all times, regardless of situation or circumstances. Listening to our customers is one of the key ways to improve their experience with us that is why we use our customer feedback questionnaire. This gives customer confidence they are dealing with the right firm, and it is the firm’s responsibility to uphold that trust.

At LMS we have the knowledge to advise customers on their specific machinery requirements, we know and therefore stock what is best suited to the quality used agricultural and construction markets and therefore we can offer the customer “fit for purpose” equipment that represents value for money.

If and when a customer decides to purchase from us, it is company policy to act swiftly in obtaining all relevant information to proceed with the sale, to invoice the relevant parties in a timely manner an ensure all pre-sale checks have been carried out enabling machines to be released to customers as soon as payment is cleared with our backers.. WE can also offer delivery to any customer if required and again will have arrangements made to avoid any unnecessary delays. Customers who buy machinery on a regular basis are influenced primarily by reputation and cost, since equipment purchases can be the most significant portion of the customer’s long-term assets.

Reputations are hard to gain and very easy to loose and therefore a firm must conduct its business with integrity, due skill, care and diligence. Transparency is key to all of this and we at LMS recognised the need for openness in our dealings with customers and regulated bodies, to encourage an environment of cooperation.